About Amy

Amy has a very pragmatic, mainstream approach to intuition. Of course she found herself to be intuitive growing up, but it didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until Amy was in her early thirties with a successful business career that her abilities truly began to surface.

Feeling that she had a bigger calling in life, Amy had her own reading with a popular psychic. In that session she was told that she would be doing similar work but also with a medical specialty. Amy was confused as this was so far from her existing life. She was years into a career in Real Estate and couldn’t believe the pieces would come together and that she would have profound intuitive abilities surface. This prompted Amy to seek contact several other intuitives, wondering if they would say the same thing. They all did. It still seemed very far-fetched until three months later.

Out of nowhere Amy began knowing what was medically wrong with all the people around her. She studied with a very well-known intuitive medical doctor in order to learn the physiology and anatomy of the body. From there she expanded her abilities, involving mediumship and reading every aspect of someone’s life. Unable to explain any of this but relying on the faith that this is a part of her life purpose, she began taking countless classes across the country and read books on all things mystic. She began to redevelop herself, her business and what she thought she knew about life. Amy made a huge leap of faith, closed her Real Estate business and began seeing clients in her new office which also expanded into teaching.

Amy still finds herself in awe that she’s actually working as a professional intuitive and able to help so many people. She does her best to balance the deep intuitive side with maintaining a “normal” life, spending ample time cycling, skiing and enjoying anything outdoors.