As our summer months come to a close, it is a great time to reevaluate where you are at emotionally. Fall evokes those feelings of comfort and hibernation and is an excellent time to sit quietly and discover what your needs are. We are so busy caring for others that we neglect the most important person. I encourage you to tap into you intuition and see what your spirit guides, deceased loved ones and higher-self have to say.

One of the easiest ways we can uncover divine information is by being quiet, calm and mindful. Most people tell me that it’s hard for them to sit and meditate for a long stretch of time. Besides meditating right before I see my clients for readings and energy work, I actually do not sit on the floor religiously for 20 minutes a day. Though doing so has tremendous benefits, I have found ways that work better for me. Instead, I find snippets of time throughout my entire day so my mindset is always more calm than chaotic.

When we practice mindfulness, we are essentially being very aware to whatever is happening in that moment. We are no longer worried about yesterday or this morning; we aren’t projecting worry about tomorrow; we are just here in this moment of time. Being creative is a great way to find a mindful state. Whether it’s painting, gardening or taking a walk through nature, all of these activities allow the logical left side of the brain to simply chill out for a while. For me, cooking and cycling are my meditative times when my mind can go blank. It is easy for our intuition to become clear when our vibration has increased through that calm space.

Another tool for hearing guidance is to pick up a pen and paper and write down 10 things that you know you should do but are not. By sitting calmly a few minutes prior, you will filter out the personal agenda, allowing intuition to flow. Maybe you’ll intuit an actual event like needing to improve your diet, change your job or take a class. Or perhaps it’s more of an emotional change like letting go of guilt and anger or being more assertive.


Intuition and divine guidance are abundant and always available when you are ready to tap in. When an interesting and unprovoked idea comes into your mind, pay attention. Stop second guessing your guidance by calling it a coincidence. Also be open to inspiration showing up in a different form that you expect. Which ever way you can best find yourself in that mindful state, just keep doing it. It gets easier to slip into those moments of clarity and stay there longer.