Life Coaching

Are you suffering life-long depression or anxiety? Have  you gone through traumatic events which have left you unsure of your next steps? Are you feeling stuck in how to move forward in job, relationship or life purpose? Have you tried therapy but felt like it keeps you stationary?

Sometimes an hour reading just isn’t long enough to push through and develop a new pattern trying to bring about a better future. This is where a personalized 6 week intuitive life coaching program comes in. In a reading we spend time discussing what has caused the blockages but we often need our hand held in the process of how to move forward. It’s easy to say that your thoughts have to be shifted, but how do you go about doing that every day? How do you develop that new pattern on your own? That’s a difficult task for anyone.

This is not a one size fits all program. This is highly personalized based upon what your exact needs are; from the topics we need to discuss and exact steps on how to move forward.

We meet for an hour once a week for 6 weeks either in person or via phoneYou’re getting intuitive guidance as we discuss your progress, insights, emotions and blocks. You will always leave with personalized homework to keep you on track. You’re also getting two 15 minute phone sessions to use during the program. Think of them as emergency visits when you’re struggling and need immediate guidance.


The purpose is to move you into the next phase of life rather than feeling stagnant. This is for those who need transformation into a better version of themselves!

If you are a new client, let’s make sure your needs are a good fit for the program. Book either a half or hour long Reading appointment and we can see how to customize a program perfect for you.