Supports Immune System – General Relaxation – Stress Reduction – Post-Op Pain
Mental Clarity & Focus – Depression – Aids in Better Sleep
Balance Physical & Emotional Health – Used With Other Medical Treatments
Pain From Chronic Illness

Illness, stress and trauma can bring the body out of balance, but with a relaxing Reiki session, the body is able to heal through restoring energy flow. After all, pain is simply where energy is blocked in the body. This Japanese healing technique is used to channel energy into the body using specific patterns and hand positions.

As a kids yoga and mindfulness teacher, Amy also specializes in doing Reiki with children to assist in anxiety relief. So many children are feeling ungrounded, insecure and anxious and simply need a safe place to learn techniques on how to relax their minds and better calm themselves. Amy combines energy work, a simple relaxing yoga pose along with specific mindful activities to tailor a session for your child, typically ages 10-15.