We just love love. It’s fascinating that we have such an innate desire to know what the future holds when it comes to relationships. I’ve never asked a psychic about what my friendships would look like in 5 years but I’ve had plenty of readings in my earlier years about who Mr. Right was. I get a lot of client questions about partnerships during my sessions so here’s what I’ve learned over the years:

Nothing is set in stone. Ever. Especially when it comes to relationships. Why? Because you are constantly making decisions with your free will. A potential partner is doing the same. Your life’s movie script and it’s actors were not written out before you were born.

Reading your energy is easy but when you’re involving another person and all their future choices, it offers many variables. There are so many maybes and forks in the road. But that’s what is so cool about this journey…the ability to choose your experiences! If everything was predetermined before this lifetime that would defeat the purpose of your time on this planet. I will say that there are pre-probable events and people you will likely meet, but it depends on your choices and therefore your need to connect with them. Simply put, you may call in different people because you’ve already learned or taught the lessons that they would otherwise provide.

Think about the relationships you’ve had. Occasionally there’s that deep connection or feeling that you’ve met someone before or they’ve been a life-changing catalyst for you. This is someone you were likely going to connect with in this life. A pre-probable relationship that took form.

With hundreds of readings under my belt, I’ve gathered that there is never just one soulmate. You aren’t born with that one person you have to search out. There should be no fear around who, where and when that person is because there are many options for you, depending on your ever-changing path. It also can’t be forgotten that just because you are no longer with a certain partner, it doesn’t mean that they weren’t right for you. You were actually perfect for each other, which is why you attracted one another. But both of you grew and moved through the need to continue the relationship.

Last year I did a reading for a guy who was in a relationship but I ultimately saw that ending. I saw specific details about his next partner, down to the a name and physical description. Months later he called saying his relationship did indeed fall apart but he ended up choosing to go back. He was wondering where that future woman was that I predicted. His decision to go back to his ex was never in the likely future I saw. His decision felt like a curveball. The future woman I saw didn’t feel necessary anymore because he ultimately made choices which called in a different experience.

I’ve also seen partners who do manifest into my client’s and friend’s lives. The short duration of some of these relationships have made me realize that you may attract a partner for mutual soul growth but might not be meant to stay together for this lifetime.

How are you creating what comes to you? When you have a thought it creates a vibration. That vibe gains momentum and creates a point of attraction. So you’ll be attracting  partners based upon what you are experiencing and thinking. Whatever I see (or any other intuitive) is the probable future; you’re current energy, it’s trajectory and the likelihood of it remaining the same.

Ultimately you have control over what your future looks like. How empowering, right? But the worries of the what, where and how’s that you push into your future relationships are actually a big part of why it’s not lining up for you. I can show you how to align your thoughts and therefore bring in the right partner for you. You’ll be able to remove the blocks that are keeping them just outside your awareness. You’ll be able to write the script for your future.