Have you ever wondered why one person in the same family gets a disease, chronic illness or cancer while the others stay healthy? Or how the healthiest person you know is then plagued with multiple illnesses? By the age of 40, 95% of adults will have the Epstein-Barr Virus, but why is it that only a very small percentage will ever show symptoms? I believe that illness can be from several sources: genetics, environment, diet, nutrition and your dominate thought patterns. I also believe that much of the time these potential illness sources lay dormant until the months or years of repeated imbalanced thoughts and emotions trigger them. Unless you consciously recognize, process and release your emotions of fear, anger or sadness, they are stored in your cell tissue. This can block energy flow, compromise the immune system and create physical symptoms.


I have come to find that most people don’t realize what their thought patterns are after so many years of repeating them. We get stuck in a cycle where it is difficult to recognize these beliefs in order to even begin to process and release them. Ailments and pain are the last resources to get our attention so we can see that changes need to be made in our lives. The severity of the illness mirrors how loudly we need to listen to the guidance. Instead of viewing disease as an endless cycle you are sentenced to, try to see it as an amazing tool that helps us remain balanced, whole and mindful as we make our way through this lifetime. Illness may literally bring is to our knees, but it’s in those times that we can surrender and hear guidance the most clearly.