What To Expect

Worldwide phone sessions or office appointments in Northern California:

8299 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA 94931

Phone sessions are just as clear and accurate as in-person readings 

Amy offers accurate and detailed intuitive readings and series of life coaching sessions via phone or in person. With a unique ability as a Medium & Medical Intuitive, Amy is sought after locally and internationally with clients on multiple continents. Her unusual gifts allow her to receive unlimited information and guidance on varying topics:


    • Insight on your partner’s emotions and learn to improve your relationship or how to lovingly separate
    • How to call in the right relationship and who that partner may be
    • Why the same type of person keeps coming into your life
    • Work through the loss of a partner and get clarity on their role in your life


    • Why you’re feeling stuck in your current career and clarity on what’s next
    • What you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime and career paths which honor that
    • How to create the right work opportunities and connections

Life Purpose:

    • How to deepen your spiritual connection and develop your intuition
    • Connect with you guides and spiritual team
    • Exploring personal interests and what will offer fulfillment

Emotional blocks:

    • Get unstuck and excited abut moving forward in all aspects of life
    • Energetic and mental blocks that are maintaining stagnancy
    • Work through past issues and events and how to create the ideal future


    • Uncover a mystery illness, disease, pains and imbalances
    • Understand a diagnosed or a misdiagnosed illness and how to heal
    • Where it originated from on a physical, nutritional, energetic, genetic or environmental level
    • What is the purpose of your illness
    • Personalized details on regaining health on a physical, energetic and mental level with precise information to explore


Prior to sitting down with Amy, and without her knowing anything about you or what you’d like to talk about, she’s already spent a few minutes connecting with your energy and taking notes. Amy is able to see health imbalances, emotions, where you’re stuck and how to clearly move forward. She often receives names, significant events and timing and typically receives information on what you’re already wanting to discuss, plus more. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and go deeper into topics. The goal is that you leave with the clarity and excitement to feel confident in moving forward.

Amy is able to connect with your loved ones who have passed but they are not on-call. Please have your primary reason for the session being other than connecting with those who have crossed over. If they choose to come through during our session it’s always a bonus but never a guarantee. Sometimes those you’re not looking to connect with will come through as well so it’s always a unique experience!

Countless health challenges have come through Amy’s office such as viruses, cancer, joint issues, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, thyroid disease, spinal issues, neurological disorders, food allergies, a host of gut issues and so many more.