“Her readings are nothing short of amazing. I have had several readings and no joke they are always right on the head”

“Amy was so accurate! She instantly picked up on very specific details around my relationship and gave me tools for improving it”

“Amy is Medium who not only sees what you’re going through but also what is going to happen and makes suggestions for a heathier and happier life”

“What a phenomenal reader, teacher and guide. My health, relationships and life are better because of Amy and her abilities”

“My readings have been astonishingly accurate and given me solace in difficult times”

“The amount of detail she is able to pick up intuitively and then provide is astounding. I learned so much in a comfortable environment”

“I have had multiple sessions with Amy for Reiki and intuitive readings and she’s always right on point”

“Amy’s readings are so accurate! She’s was spot-on with upcoming dates/events. She knew correct medical issues with me plus my grandpa came through during the reading. She knew exact details of him that no one else would know!”

“Amy has given me several medical intuitive readings and they have been spot-on. Her ability to see what is manifesting in your body is amazing”

“I have gone to many Mediums but Amy is different. She is the real deal. She is so accurate and has a true intuitive knowing. Worth many visits!”

“You say nothing, she tells you everything. She touches on all of the things I need to discuss without me guiding her”

”I’ve worked with her for about 4 years and she’s always spot on with her readings. She comes from a place of love, understanding and kindness-with a sense of humor”

“I received a reading with Amy and she was spot on with what was going on in my life”

“Having session time with Amy has proven to be the best experience I’ve had so far with a professional at her caliber. She can more than help you, she can heal you”

“I had a reading with Amy and it was life changing. She brought up events and feelings that no one knows, and without me asking any questions”

“I’ve been to several reputable Mediums but Amy is one of a kind. Amy is a rare find and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a reading or energy healing. Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed”

“Amy is different from other intuitives. She sees what’s going on and what will happen but also where you’re blocked and how to change and create the best life. Most don’t tell you what to do next to better your life but Amy always does”

“Amy even gave me two dates that she saw certain events happening on and she was right on! Those two events happened the following month on those dates just as she has said”

“Her workshop was fascinating and packed with useful, applicable information. Amy does not hold back on information, she empowers her students so they can learn to trust their intuition”